Day Seventy Seven

Lilly may be phasing out of her nap, I am fighting back. This is unfair

It may seem unfair to me, but it is only unfair to ol Lill. Only time will tell what her body and mind want to do, but as with everything I need to stay out of the way and let her do what is best for her. The perceived problem is that if she does not nap, then I cannot get anything done in the middle of the day, pay bills, continue getting the house back in order, etc. But the truth is, it will all get done eventually and Lilly needs should come first.

Of course with that said, she is now napping peacefully (after an hour of trying) and all is well.

Luke is back in school today, he is starting to know the days of the week, this morning when he asked what day it was and Mom replied Tuesday, he said, Oh, it is a School day! I love that he brings something almost every day to show his friends and teachers. Often it is one of his incredible Lego builds from the “instructions in my head”, but today he had a huge paper shoulder bag with his name on it filled with cards, just miscellaneous cards, that I think we’re going to be used as “mail” for his friends.

Yesterday he became very interested in a notepad he saw and asked if he could have and a sharpie pen and started writing out “tickets” for everyone. For me, for the workers at the house, and then wanted to go for a ride around the block so he could give out some tickets. The one I have is a “safe driving ticket” for me to keep in the car.

2014-10-28 12.41.37

Lilly is a Taurus.
I kinda have faith in astrological signs, but have always found myself half heartedly agreeing some assessment of a persons traits based on the month they were born.
Lilly is a Taurus.
When your sitting in a public place and a complete stranger observes you and your daughter, then proceeds to describe her exactly the way she is and is so utterly amazed at her Taurus-ness, it is really hard not to fully believe.
Lilly is a Taurus.


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