Day Seventy Eight

Ok, it takes a brave man to admit this, that I am.
I have been misspelling my daughters names since this blog started. My sister tried to make me aware of it, but I ignored her. I then saw her name written by mom on a form and said I big internal “oops”. I confirm the situation with mom, who said she didn’t have the heart to tell me. So, it’s all on me and from now on Lily is my daughter!!

Luke is having some discomfort in his room, he has not had any part in the decoration of it and I think it just not speak to him. So mommy and me want to have Luke help us make some changes in the look of it. His ideas are:

Red walls
Rainbow sparkly curtains and door

We shall see how this develops.



Luke is going to be Spider-Man for HalloweenI think I mentioned a bit back, yeah I did. Anyway, as we do around here, we try to make everything we can. And since Mom is at work, I am building the costume with as much input and help from Luke as possible. It is all going well. He needed new sneakers and “wanted ones that light up on the top side” and we were pursuing Amazon or Zappos for such an item and he saw a pair of Spider-Man light up on the top sneakers, so of course we said sure. It will be a pretty swift costume if you ask me and any time he puts it on he just goes racing around the house, trying to climb (and boy can he climb) up stuff and acting all Spider-Man-ish Photos coming soon,


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