Day Eighty Two

Luke has been fashioning himself as a police man. He has a very complete setup which he keeps in a basket. It includes a pair of sunglasses, a whistle, an old flip phone he carefully folds over how waistband, a pen he carefully places in his pocket and a pad of paper he calls his ticket book. At first he made tickets and handed them out, but now he is taking requests. My first two tickets were a safe driving ticket and a ticket that helps me remember to always put a band aid on when I get a cut.
Last night he asked me if I had any ideas for a ticket and I said I wanted something for the whole family. He gave me this, saying it would keep us all safe.


The reason I mention this particular ticket is because it is the first time I have seen Luke use a human figure in his drawings.

I went to a fascinating workshop held by a woman who has studied the drawings of children three to seven years old. It is an incredible process that is has universally similarities. The progression from “smash dots” to the human figure is repeated over and over from culture to culture.


Food food glorious food! I will never stop being amazed by the power of a meal. We got home from the park, Luke was spent, (he fell into the duck pond after going too fast on his scooter). Lil is still recovering from two shots at the doctors office today. They were both on the verge of melting down pretty bad I would say. A quick, healthy filling meal ending with an Oreo cookie and what happens, complete happiness


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