Day Eighty Three

A day or two goes by and I cannot believe I did not have time to post here. Such is my life right now. It is not only the lack of time, but when I try to rewind 48 hours of my life it seems impossible to remember what exactly happened. Sometimes pictures help.


2014-11-05 08.09.19

Luke’s Lego masterpieces continue to evolve on the own, he is now creating ship with enclosed hulls and multi level decks. VERY cool stuff indeed. It will be fascinating to see how this continues over the years.

2014-11-05 15.07.59


The day ended with a snack at the green couch of Whole Foods. I am really working hard at establishing meals times only in seated, controlled environments. Not in cars or strollers or walking around, etc. Lily is responding already, but it can be challenging as she is VERY demonstrative when she is hungry. The other day in RIE class Lily was “ooting” for every bit of banana she could get her hands on (that is the snack they have in class). The teacher said, “Boy, she really is going to be telling you what she wants.

Yes she does and god bless them both.

Over and out.

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