Day One Hundred and Fifteen

2014-12-30 11.58.00Yesterday I had a profound moment with Luke. Perhaps it is just to me, but I will always remember it. I decided to leave it to post today so that it can have all its own space.

I was up on a ladder preparing to paint a small patch on the roof of our house. Luke wanted to help and I had invited him to take part, to which he readily accepted.

I was looking down at him realizing that to actually paint this piece of roof it was going to be very difficult and I said to him that perhaps it is best if I paint it and when I get down we find something he can paint. He was fine with that, but then a rush of emotions came over him and he started getting teary eyed, I asked him if he wanted to talk about it and he paused, caught his breath and just blurted out:

“Dad, I love being with you!” and started crying out loud. I in turn started crying out loud as well as I said, “I know exactly how you feel, when I get down from here lets have a popsicle”. Luke’s cry turned into a cry/laugh, as did mine, and he said that was funny and he would like that.

This moment deeply moved me. It is the kind of connection I hope to have with all of my children, but know that it is not up to me to make it happen, it either comes or it doesn’t. And today it came in buckets full.

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