Day One Hundred and ???

Oh jeez, we figure Lily has been sick for close to three weeks. Last night she was pulling on her ears a lot, which as every parent knows is a sign of possible ear infection. We are seeing the the Dr this afternoon.

Mom had half of new years eve and all of new years day off. Oh how we all wish we could just spend our days together, it just makes life so much better.

I am sicker than I have been, but still very manageable. After a morning snack prepared by Luke:


We are off to the park for the FIRST TIME OVER WINTER BREAK! Yow!


So interesting to see how the little wooden kitchen is coming into play. Luke is really into it. He cleans it top to bottom and at least once a day prepares a full meal to share with all. Lily gets right in there, but she still thoroughly enjoys playing in the “real” kitchen more I think.


Sorry for the scattered posts, I guess it will get back to normal now that the winter holidays have come to a close. It doesn’t help that i have been so upside down myself that I prepared two envelopes for mailing with the postage and the return address on the wrong side of the envelopes.

My hero Luke at the Dr office waiting room. Listening to him talk to another boy his age about owning Lego sets that that have weapons in them. He said he didn’t have any and doesn’t want any because weapons hurt people. The other boy was perplexed, Luke was adamant and i was proud as a peacock!

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