Day One Thirty Nine

The other day after dropping Luke off at school we got to the end of the block where we turn right to head home. Lily started getting very ootsi and complaining about something.

Then it happened again when we picked Luke up from school.

Today I stopped as she started to oots in exactly the same spot. I asked her what she wanted, she point straight ahead and I said, you want to go straight here? She shook her head yes vehemently. I said fine and went straight through the intersection.

I looked back in the rear view mirror and Lily was making the ice cream mouth sign (zig zagging her tongue along her bottom lip) and realized that the only reason we go straight instead of turning right at the first stop sign is to go to the Blue Roof (Fosters Freeze for any newcomers)

She is 20 months old and knows how to navigate to the ice cream store!

Holy cow!

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