Day One Forty

2015Februaryuntitled-2Seemed like a pretty back to normality, but very busy. Every spare moment is taken up thinking, planning, building, organizing for Luke’s 5th birthday party

I did errands AFTER SCHOOL, I don’t know the last time that happened.

Anyway, we got home and Luke had been talking about doing some of the painting on his dragon head as I started painting them earlier today, so of course it seemed appropriate to let him do some painting. But it was also time to make supper. And if Luke was going to do some painting then Lily wants to do some painting. I do my best to keep it under control but when Lily started shmearing blue paint all over the back door I figure its time to shut it down.

What comes creeping into my psych is my shortness of patience when I am trying to do something like make supper and feel that time is of the essence. (key word “feel”)

I want them to paint, truly do, but I also need to make supper and don’t want paint all over the back door, so whats a dad to do?


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