Day One Forty Nine

“Lily oh Lily oh have you seen Lily,

Lily the walking, talking, playing, running, not napping baby”

A seemingly rare moment of Lily sprawled out, when she goes out, she goes out!



But many days she is full throttle all day, as can be seen in this video.

Side note. I don’t really like Youtube, but that is the only way to get videos into these posts unless I convert the blog to a self hosted blog, which I am happy to do, but would love a little feedback as it will necessitate changing the URL to the blog, so instead of being:

it would be

What is it all about?

Does anyone have an opinion on this??


6 thoughts on “Day One Forty Nine

  1. hey henry, whatever works best for you in regards to the domain name.
    but the one thing i like about how it’s set up know is getting email notifications when you have a new post.

    1. There is now a “follow” button on the home page you can use to recieve email notifications of when there are new posts

  2. Sis here. I still really struggle with navigating this thing on my slow home connection, so if moving it would mean I don’t have load all entries to catch up on a few weeks I would be in favor of that!

    1. I think I can make some sort of adjustment here so you do not have to load so many, I know I can, just have to find the time

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