Day One Fifty

Monday, Luke day off from school.

We had this idea to take a bus and see where it goes, the number 44 to be exact, because we keep seeing it around, but have no idea where it starts or stops.

Too bad it does not stop at our local stop, so we were “forced” back onto ol’ #8 to downtown Santa Monica and because Luke asked me 25-30 times, to the Santa Monica Beach Pier.

2015Februaryuntitled-4 2015Februaryuntitled-8


It was an absolutely stunning day and one of those mornings where it seemed to take so long to get out the door, I for one was ecstatic to be in the great out of doors.

Nothing remarkable to report, Luke just love an adventure, Both Luke and Lil love the bus. Lily kept looking at me and exclaiming “Baa?”

It is one of her most used words “Baa” and as far as I can tell has been referenced to:


Anyway, we had a grand old time, played some foosball, rode the merry go round and then headed home. Lil was the consummate champ after having a poo while we were still downtown and Daddy had already used THE ONLY DIAPER HE BROUGHT!

Oh, its the little things that evade me the most sometimes.

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