Day One Fifty Three

2015-02-27 13.29.42Lily does not eat ice cream anymore. I mean she gets really excited about it and accepts it wholeheartedly. But after a few licks , she is done. Perhaps it is a flavor thing, she always liked vanilla in the past, but now maybe not. She loves an Oreo cookie, but I find the ice cream thing confounding.

There are many things that Lily is very ardent about, and they can happen quite quickly. The other day we went out for a short walk and Luke held her hand as we crossed the intersection. Now, if Luke is with us and we are crossing a street, there is only ONE hand to hold, her older brothers. Even when Luke is not there she really does not like the idea of holding my hand. This was all after a single occurrence.

THere is also a thorough thought process behind which slides at the park she will go down by herself, go down with Daddy holding her hand from below or go down with Daddy behind her. It has nothing to do with the steepness, just a matter of how it happened the first time. That is the way it needs to happen from now on, or at least until something else changes her mind a little bit.

It’s all good, keeps me on my toes for sure.

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