Mommy Days

We had a mini vacation over the weekend driving up to Santa Maria to visit a friend that Luke went to school with and has some sort of deep inexplicable connection to.

Inexplicable in the way that it seems uncanny how after months of not seeing her, he will out of nowhere just say “I wonder what Charlotte is doing right now?”

Anyway, it was a great excuse to get out of LA for an overnight. The weather was gorgeous, clouds and rain and rolling hills, but no rainbows I’m afraid.

2015-02-28 16.27.54


A lot of time was spent in Charlotte’s room behind closed doors, I went it to relay some info and grabbed this photo, it would have been fun to have had a secret camera on the wall to see and hear how the afternoons stories and game play developed, but that will just have to be for Luke, Charlotte and Lily to know.

Oh, there was also a frog story, I just love frog stories.

As we were leaving Luke asked me if we would see any frogs, to which I said I don’t know, but I hope so.

A forgotten comment until we were leaving our friends house after a full day of driving and playing and eating and low and behold there is a frog in the driveway. Now I don’t know if frogs are all that common in Santa Maria, but our friends were a bit surprised and when I explained that Luke has asked about whether or not we would see frogs, they were even more surprised.


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