Day One Seventy Four


The other day at the park Luke was followed by a ladybug for awhile, which then spent about thirty minutes walking all over him. He also met up with a boy a few years older than him. Luke was explaining that a ladybug is a type of beetle, the older boy did not believe him and said it was just a bug, but luckily for all of us, Luke was persistent.

Luke also told the boy that he did not yet know ladybug language, but was going to learn it soon. This comes from his love (and ours) of the Dr. Doolittles series of books, particularly The Voyages of Dr. Doolittle.

Once again an incredible discovery of work, truly fun to read for all of us and not at all what I expected from a history of lame-o movie adaptations. I guess there are usually good reason they pick works like this, and Dr Doo as we like to call him around here, is one of the best examples of children’s literature I have yet had the opportunity to read.

If you pick up a copy, make sure to get one that includes the wonderful minimalist drawings by the author himself instead of the garish, over the top ones that are more like the movie than the book.


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