Day One Seventy Five

2015-04-16 17.48.31Overheard at the park.

Mom: “no you can’t go on the swing”

Little boy: no words, just kind wanders off and wanders back to the swing.

Mom: “You have already been on the swing, you can’t do it again, there are other things to do, the slide, the teeter tottter…

Little boy: no words, just kind wanders off in search of something else to do.

Meanwhile Lily is just bounding up and down everything in sight. She can climb up slides and the just the other day Luke came over and said, Dad, you gotta see what Lily is doing!

She had successfully climbed up on of the rock walls that are at a 45 degree angle. Really not easy to do, but there she goes and goes and goes and goes.

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