Day Two Sixteen


Luke is quickly becoming the person who needs more and more structure, and is becoming more and more independently minded.

He is incredibly independent at times, yet clearly needs to be help close and reminded of how much we love him. (who doesn’t need that?)

We went to the Santa Monica Pier Amusement Park and since Lily is too small to do anything other than the ferris wheel, I told Luke I would buy him a wrist band and he could go on anything he wants and Lily and I would wait at the entrance for him.

He went on every single ride, alone!

One thought on “Day Two Sixteen

  1. i still vividly remember going on a roller coaster by myself when i was young.
    it was a really big deal and i was terrified but i didn’t want anyone to know i was.
    as i was waiting in line there were these older girls (maybe even as old as 16!!!!)
    waiting and they were scared too. when they saw me by myself they added me to
    their group to make them safe!


    now i was scared of the coaster AND the girls!!!! (too much for a shy boy to deal
    with at once).

    but when i got off and my family saw me exit with these girls i made out like
    it wasn’t nothing at all. 🙂

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