Day Two Fifteen

Vacation seems like months ago. We went back ease for ten days and it seems the world has changed. It is such a mixed bag being away, not relaxing at all in regards to the kids needs and care, yet completely absorbing when it comes to getting out of the routine that we live in here at home, so it is really a mixed bag.

The flight home I found really hard, the whole travel day (coast to coast) was LOOOOOONNNGGGG! and as I sat there with nineteen million little tv screens flickering around me, hungry, separated from Ma and Lily by two rows, I was like “I am not sure if I ever want to do this again!”, but of course I do, oh how much I do, I do, I do.

I did not take many photos, but google photos did me a favor. I usually shy away from any automated photo manipulation, I would rather do it myself, but the new google photo setup keeps making these little animated .gifs, and for the most part they are great!, so here are a few that I hope capture something of our trip.

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