Post 284: 6

Luke turned six. It was a wonderful day and we were all filled with love, warmth, happiness and Pho.

It seems ages ago, because in kid time it is, there has been so much going on,

I just have not had the chance to do any posting, but I hope the tide has turned, even for a brief time.

For me one of the greatest moments was watching Luke patiently wait for his friends to arrive. This started about three hours prior to the party and continued right up until the first guest appeared.




The preparation was pretty big, Luke had asked for a party that contained:

  • building something from wood
  • art
  • sports

At first Mom and Dad were a bit flummoxed as to how to accommodate all these ideas, but I think we came up with a great solution. We had a pinewood derby-build-your-own-car and race it celebration.


Oh, we built the track as well, all sixteen feet of it!


We also made Pho, Lukes favorite soup and did it right, using this wonderful (and beautiful looking) recipe.


Of course there are not enough photos to do the day justice as Mom and Dad were all really busy, but it was great fun, just a small group, so it did not feel overwhelming for us and Luke had a wonderful time indeed.

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