Post 316: Why they are special


Children just have the most amazing ability to be pure. It is what I treasure most and what I feel needs to be guarded, nurtured and protected for as long as possible.

Just his ability to be so helpful and thoughtful. We went over to see my 91 year mom the other night, it was a late outing for Luke and Lily and Luke was all business. He wanted to push the wheel chair, he wanted to hold the doors, he told Lily as an aside (no running, we need to be quiet). All of it was done with pure love and concern and I asked none of it to happen, it was all Luke.

She saw all her unused bottles in the cabinet and said: “what should we do with them?”. I told her that the daughter of the woman who runs her preschools has need of any child and baby items. That she gives these items to moms that are unable to supply for themselves. Lily was so excited by this. She said it was a good idea. She grabbed a bag, filled it with all the bottles and tops and we delivered the package when I dropped her off at school.

I teared up, I think her teacher did a bit as well.


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