Post 315: Hand, foot, mouth and…


Just had our first ever bout with Hand, Foot and Mouth virus.

Lets just say it is awful, terrible and really annoying. Yet, a couple of interesting things came up during the run that should be remembered.

Doctors can’t really know anything, right? They are always making an assessment.

We had two virus’ in our household that worked concurrently to keep our kids in sickness for a good two to three weeks. The common problem. One kid gets sick, then the other gets sick towards the end of the first kids sickness, and in this case I guess the first kid then got ANOTHER virus and the whole thing starts over again.

When we went to the Doctor and after two seconds he could confirm that Luke and “hand, foot and mouth” I asked will Lily get it? His answer was that the first virus, which was lodged in Lily’s nasal world had passed to Luke, but luke’s body manifested it as “Hand foot and mouth”, in other worlds it was the same virus that had passed and therefore Lily would not get it again.


Poor Lil. Too young to really get the problem that open sores in her mouth are just plain too annoying to even think about and what about the fact that they say “Hand, food and mouth” doesn’t itch?


Luke had sleepless nights squirming and tossing in his bed only exclaiming “it itches!”


All are well and back at school and I kid you not it seems not a day went by before there was new and different sniffling and sneezing in the household. Just amazing to me that we go through so much of the year with nary a sniffle and then WHAM, sickness season falls upon us like a tons of snot.


By the way, they got the name of the “hand, foot…” one wrong it should be called

Hand, foot, mouth and butt virus, sorry, but it is the truth I speak.

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