Post 324: Yellow salamander rides again!

Previously on Luke and Lily.

The other day we went on a great hike in between some of the year late El Niño storms that have been raging Los Angeles the last month or so.

We went to a place called “Froggy Pond“.  Due to the copious amounts of rain it was more like the white water rapids of Santa Ynez Canyon. So cool and so much fun to be there.

Part of our plan was to look for frogs (of course) and possibly even a salamander. Now, just to be clear I personally have never seen a salamander in the Los Angeles environs even though many books claim they are around AND I have looked quite a bit.

But Luke on the other hand has a long history with salamanders as you can see from post #92.

Original salamander hunt

So…, while walking our walk and exploring the river as much as possible I at one point declared (and I cannot tell you why, honestly)

I am now going to find a salamander!” out loud. To which Luke casually replied a split second later:

Oh, there is one now!

People, I tell you my jaw dropped and my heart soared when I looked at where he was pointing and low and behold a large, red California salamander was hanging out on the river bank.

Luke then proceeded to pick him up as if they were old friends, I mean the Salamander did not mind it at all, though when he was transferred to my hand he got a bit nervous and feisty.

New salamander hunt

I snapped a few photos and immediately I knew that the look on Luke’s face was exactly like the look on Luke face way back at post #92. AND, that it is a very salamander-ish look if you ask me.

It was beyond a perfect moment.

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