Post 325: Logic beyond words

Example One:

I am quite taken with Lily’s resolute logic many times a day, thought I would share a few moments. Today she saw a sign and asked:

what’s that?”

Dad: “A sign for no smoking

Lily: “Why?

Dad: “Because smoking is no tallowed in many places, in my opinion it should not be allowed anywhere, it is very bad for you. But it IS allowed in some places.

Lily: “like in a fire.

Example Two:

We open a well known and recent favorite book. She sees this image

And asks, “How did they get in the box?”. To which I say I have no idea, there is no apparent way to get in. We turn the page and she says:

“Oh, it is just right there (indicating the proximity to the ground), they just climbed right in”

The list could go on. I know this is not unique, it makes me think of the book: The Mastery of Love: A Practical Guide to the Art of Relationship. A book talks about the idea that we are born with full knowledge, we are as smart and as filled with know-how as is possible, but that “learning” the ways of the world slowly removes all that purity until we are left with the closed mindedness of the world around us.

Oh well.

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