Post 340: Shyness

I have long cringed at the word shy when people suggest that a child is shy. Perhaps I over react, but I know in my heart it is not the right way to explain when a child is slow to come around. And I believe it is linked to shame and builds the opposite of confidence.

Lily is not shy at all.

What really drives the point home for me is a situation like the one other day at the dentist.

We were getting ready to leave and a person who worked there came right up to Lily, got right in her face and started saying how cute she was and asking what her name was. Lily kind of bowed her head and remained silent (what would you do if a perfect stranger was right in your mug?), the woman started saying things like “oh, your shy, don’t be shy, I am friendly!” 

Just a moment later at the same office, another person, this time respectful, keeping their distance and using a soft voice asked Lily a few questions to which she responded  agreeably and with a smile on her face.

Lily is not shy at all.

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