Post 342: Adventureland Redux

Back at Post: 305 I mentioned the Adventureland park that exist here and abroad, It is a “park” where kids can play with hammers, nails, fire and splintery wood.

Yesterday we finally went to the one in California, in Huntington Beach and I must say, I was so happy and encouraged to be there. There is no fire play at this particular Adventureland, but there is so much confidence building activity going on and it is run so simply and respectfully. These days I am used to there being a form to fill out to gain entry to a kids place and a line to wait in and a costly ticket to purchase. There was none of that at Adventureland.  We were greeted by someone who specifically told the rules to Luke ands Lily. I paid my $3 in cash and away we went.

Kind of a super bonus is that the Huntington Beach Adventureland shares a parking lot with one if the largest, happiest libraries I have ever seen.

What a great day!

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