Post 371: Rainbows and Love

We didn’t try to make her be this way, I didn’t notice any moment where rainbows, unicorns, fairies or glitter was forced upon Lily in any way, yet there it is. She is a person who loves love. Loves rainbows and glitter and fairies and love.

There could be nothing more calming and gentle and fulfilling than to listen to Lily talk about love, rainbows, unicorns, and glittery things, it is perfection in life.

I hope that one day she will be in a position to share and endow other people with such a genuinely giving countenance.


Post 346: New computer

For a person who has taken every opportunity to disassemble and reassemble  my own person computer, it is with great admiration I introduce to you Lily’s first computer.

She made it herself, found the cut pieces of wood. I drove the nail in to make the pieces hold together after she admitted it was too hard for her.

It is a laptop in case you are wondering. She had a whole bunch of nails on the “keyboard”, which I thought was quite nice, but later removed them due to design issues.

Taking pre-orders immediately

Post 336: Camerawork

I have spent much of my life behind the lens of a camera, literally millions of feet of film have passed by my eyes.

When I was young I had this stigma about still photography, simply that when I saw a beautiful picture, I felt like, geez, I could have taken that if I was there at that moment? So what’s the big deal?

What I learned over the years is that the point is I was not there at that exact moment and did not choose to release the shutter at that very instant.

As the beloved photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson eloquently called, the decisive moment. 

I also know that the viewfinder through a childs eye can be a fun and often an insightful look into their world. There have been many times at work where we are trying to emulate what a child might want to see, the perspective of a child being so unique, and it is not easy to do. There have been many instances of wonderful photography done by children.

With all that said I gave Luke and Lily an old camera to do with what they wish. Lily took it to school one day and I just love the “day in the life” of her photographs.


Post 293: Face

Lily started drawing portraits of me and mom and taping them up all over the house. Luke caught on and I just thought this self portrait was priceless. Totally captures his inner Lukiness.2016-05-11 15.29.43