Day Two Thirty Eight

I knew he was ready and I felt it would happen like this, but still I was flabbergasted when we decided to take Luke’s training wheels off.

At first he was struggling on the sidewalk and I suggested we go to someplace a little more open. He picked a park that has a large cement area that he has seen kids riding their bikes around in.

Glory be the minivan so moments later we were all aboard and at the park and I kid you not, he just got on and rode.
and rode
and rode
and rode.

After that we had hamburgers and milkshakes.

Day Two Thirty Three

Our first semi successful trip to the park on bikes. I say “semi” only because it was late in the day and at a certain point Lily was done and I had to carry her (and the bike) the rest of the way home. THAT did not deter us from having a good time.

Luke ran into a friend from his school, which was so nice to see. They just instantly start having extreme fun.


I know there will be many more trips to come!

Day One Ninety Five


Luke had a playdate with a girl from his school, she also happens to be the oldest in his school.

I dont want to make any gross statements, but the intensity and style of play seemed so much more in keeping with what I want and wish for Luke.

Recently I have spent a lot of time watching and thinking about Luke’s play. He’s a very physical guy and he runs with big boys at his preschool. There is a lot of driven, physical play and often finger guns or some other make believe weapon is involved. I know that there is a part of Luke that is fascinated by this and more than happy to be involved in any high energy play I also know that it is not necessarily his first choice to be in that style of imaginative play.

His school excels (imho) on how to handle these kinds of situations, the key is whether the patrons are on board or not. If everyone involved wants to play in the manner at hand, then it is fine, but if one child is not speaking up or clearly is uncomfortable, then the teacher steps in and adds a voice to that child, making it clear that it is not alright to just assume someone wants to be very physical at all times.

Anyway, it was great having this gal over, and believe me it was not about sitting around making tea, they had me running in circles with activities and games and chase chase chase. My favorite part was when we all head off to the park, Luke’s friend on his bike, all ready to go, heading out the side yard gate and I am in the rear and what I hear her say to Luke,

“This is my first time on a bike?”