Day One

So far so good. Decided to take the wife to work which seemed a good idea until there was a Lego related melt down on the front steps. Made me think about how much these two are aware of the changes. We have been doing our darnedest to keep things light and keep the kids informed about the forthcoming (now imminent) changes amongst us. Of course being sensitive to not overloading them with information

Luke fell out of his bed last night at 12:45a, that is pretty unusual as we’ll.

But now we are at the park and all is good.

Here is a moment I know I have to get used to. At the park, surrounded by nannies all watching Little Bird Lil right in the mix with the older kids at the water table at Reed Park. They are all looking at me like, aren’t you going to do something? And All I can do is smile and nod and say thank you as if I was a foreigner visiting the US for the first time.

Brainstorm moment.

Problem: slightly burning one side of Luke’s grilled cheese sandwich

Solution: peeling off the perfectly cooked side from my grilled ham and cheese and swapping it out with Luke’s the burnt side. Pure genius!




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