Day Two

2014-07-08 10.36.33

The natives are starting to get a bit restless.
This morning the kids were clearly not so happy about mom going to work, particularly Lil. Lots of ootsing and fidgetiness. Hard for everyone. Goodness knows what we will do when our Kitchen renovation starts!

Ha, didn’t know about that, huh? Yeah, we are going to gut the kitchen and have a contractors six weeks of pure pain in the house, Something to really look forward to methinks! I am trying to think about possible “get up and go” ideas, just wake up and leave the house.

Went to Target, thought it was going to be a disaster as Luke and Lil were needing some activity. But it worked out, as it always does. then we hit the closest park, which goes straight to the bottom of my wish list of parks It was hot, small and the rubber safety matting was starting to break up. Lil has it all over her body. Needless to say we didn’t stay long.

It is one of those snow ball days, I feel like a little bit behind schedule and you can never catch up. There is a lot of tidying up to do, Lil went to sleep for her nap late, this is the only quality time I can spend with Luke one on one, but I have to take care of business first. Must remember to stop and smell the flowers. Todays version.

Luke’s amazement that there were THREE advertisements stuck on our fron door when we got home.

Oh, btw, I cried when “Rainbow Connection” came on the radio yesterday, forgot to add that.


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