Day Three

Things feel a little more stable today, but mom leaving was a difficult moment. Afterwards Luke was screeching around the house until I suggested pulling out his favorite brown pillow and giving it a few whacks. That seemed to do the job.

Today’s outing is to the Bruder Truck Store. One of those amazing hidden kid treasures around Los Angeles. Bruder makes lifelike toys that truck minded children often gravitate towards, they ain’t cheap and when I discovered the North American distribution center in Hawthorne, CA, and that they have a display room, open to the public, I became an instant devotee. The proof is in the pudding.

Then it all starts to fall apart in the afternoon, it looks like nothing can be accomplished today and I don’t know what’s for dinner. I tried to finish a single household job and failed, how in the world would I handle an entire kitchen renovation? Is this it, the reckoning? On day three?

Then my little girl shuffles up to me and shows me the remnants of one of the red wax baby bell cheeses that she has pretty much demolished without unwrapping. A big smile on her face and one on mine as well.

God bless you Lily, god bless you Luke

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