Day Fourteen

I spoke to mom last night about the food, I think part of the problem (read ALL OF THE PROBLEM) is that I tend to ask Luke what he wants, it just doesn’t compute to a four and a half year old, I mean, sure he wants Ice Cream, but as far as whats for lunch…

So, you just make foods he likes and perhaps add a little something to try to the plate. If he asks whats for lunch or supper, the answer is, “Something delicious”

I made with a quesadilla with meatballs and cheese and some cucumber slices and some nectarine slices on the side. Worked out great. Now I just need to get in the habit doing and not asking.

Went to the park this morning, had a nice time, though it was a bit hot. The best part was Lily refusing to get out of the swing, even the nanny next to us chuckled and smiled at Ol Lil’s conviction. Loved it.


Might have to add a side bar, 

“Today’s Amazon Prime Delivery is:”

a $7 cobweb duster

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