Day Fifteen

Had to drop off some gear today, which meant a few hours in the car, the 405, etc. Luke decided to come. We had fun pretending we were an airplane, me the pilot and he is in charge of traffic control, pretty amusing stuff.

Mom had decided to give each member of the family a little bit of pocket money when she got her first paycheck. Luke has been asking for days when the check was going to come and yesterday was the day. He knew exactly what he wanted to buy, the “Leaf Cutter Helicopter Lego Set” also known as the Cargo Heliplane Set #.

Last night we looked online and it not available at our local Target, so after much negotiation it was decided to Amazon Prime it (yes, that would be TODAYS box), but one second.

And we paid the extra $4 for next day delivery. How in the world does that Lego set get from wherever it comes from at 8pm PST to Lukes hands via the UPS guy at 12:15 the next? Astonishing, but I digress.

So, box came, Lego is here and Luke will probably have it done by the time mom gets home (393 pieces).

I was not a Lego kid, but his mom was and I must say it is an amazing process to watch, more than one grown up has come by and declared “that is how I learned to do my job, build Legos as a kid.

I the afternoon a very good friend of Luke’s came by to say goodbye as she is moving out of town. They have a very special relationship and one filled with calm, warmth and love. The also play hard together when they want to, but at a calm moment in Luke and Lily room they were playing that Charlotte was the “father”, Luke was the “baby” and they were lying quiet, calm, blissfully in the bed just stroking each other, I hope find another friend like Charlotte.


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