Day Twenty Five

Another day of getting ready for the house remodel onslaught. Another day of not eating or drinking water until I had a throbbing headache.

But, it was Luke’s first visit to a Coinstar!

I love Coinstar and when I found a jar of coins in the kitchen I figured it was time to share my love with Luke. Of course he enjoyed the process of stuffing the coins in, and watching the counter tally your “winnings”. We amassed $22.34 and proceeded into Ralph’s Supermarket to purge our proceeds.

First stop. Fage Greek Yogurt 10/10 sale (Ralph’s Club Members only), then we spy a sale on Luke’s favorite juice company called Simply Juice. Normally around 4.69 a jug, sometimes 3.69 a jug, but today at Ralph’s (with club card only) buy five jugs, $2.69 each!


The checkout at Ralph’s shows us that our total for the ten Fage yogurts and five jugs of Simply Juice is $22.94, so I owe them exactly fifty cents. I was ecstatic! Yup, that’s my life.

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