Mommy Days

Awoke at 7:15 to my cement guy in the yard looking at the deck he is going to remove, that was our wake up call, I mean like they waived at us!!

Jackhammers started at 8:15a and then we busted out of there. Hungry and under caffeinated we went to the park, eventually had some cranky kids and came home to a jackhammer house. I then drove Lily around to get her to fall asleep, wound up in the deep Valley at a car wash (best thing to do with a little one asleep in the back, exterior only!). Came home, went to the beach. almost aborted going to the beach, got to the beach and had a BLAST!

Mommy Sunday I went down to Home Depot to get MORE bins to put MORE stuff in becasue tomorrow is “D: day on the kitchen renovation and Luke says to me. “dad, I have been told on my phone, which is called blue, that all the home depts are being converted to Lego stores.” I asked him for a little more detail over our PB&J’s at lunch and he added that they were being converted to either Lego stores OR farms. This is really good use the our country.

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