Day One Seventy Eight

I have spoken about the Oreo cookie lover of the household before, actually there are more than one, but this one inparticular did a doozy today.

Got home from the market and I was emptying the trunk of groceries and Old Lil saw the Oreos and went off “Gee Gee, Gee Gee!!” I said fine, go ahead and grab the cookies.

We get inside and I am putting away groceries and I hear her fangling with the odd Oreo cookie closure at her table on the porch, her preferred place to eat these days.

2015-04-23 12.26.40I go out and she has indeed gotten the package open and removed a single cookie. I said she could have two, gave her another, and placed the package back up on the counter.

Next thing I know I hear the crinkle crinkle of the package again and I go outside and she is sitting there with 25 cookies on her table. Now, you gotta remember she is a kidd-le-eat-the-middle-of-the-oreo first, but then doesn’t even want the chocolate cookie outside at all. So, upon closer inspection I see that she has indeed as fast as lighting eaten the creamy center of twenty five Oreo cookies.

2015-04-23 12.34.45 HDR

She then gathered up all the chocolate cookie outsides and brought to me as a gift.

2015-04-23 12.37.21

2015-04-23 12.40.20But, friends friend She is the gift!

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