Mommy Days

IMG_6411  Went camping

As always a wonderful experience and I was so heartened by Luke’s continued excitement over the whole affair.

We were scheduled to stay two nights, all four of us, which in and of itself was a huge undertaking.

Lily fell asleep on the way up and awoke after we had arrived and I think that really sent her to a state of confusion, so for a bit we thought all bets were off and one of us had to take her home for the night, but old Lil just rallied big time. I went for a walk with her and she thought every camper van was a mail truck, she was overjoyed at the amount of mail trucks that were there, “mail mail?” (she gets giddy when the mailman comes to our house)

Our over night was pretty good I thought and might even have gotten more sleep that many other nights camping.

IMG_6436The next day was cool and even drizzly at times and I had quite a nice time exploring the tide pools with Luke in the morning and going on a hike that afterwards Luke wanted to continue, so we just went on the same loop all over again, what a champ!

In the afternoon the camp site host came around and said there was a wind advisory out with the possibility of 50 mph winds. to keep a long story short we pull stakes and headed back to dodge.


The truth it it was glorious to wake up in our own home and our own beds and we had a full Sunday to just hang out and regroup, so by my account it was all kind perfect.


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