Day Two Thirteen


I am contradicting myself. Apropos of the very last post.

I spend a lot of time thinking and talking about what the mind of a five year old can and cannot comprehend and their ability to navigate between good/evil, good/bad, good guys/bad guys.

I see in practice that Luke cannot yet comprehend the difference between a good guy and a bad guy, so why do I constantly use that as a point of discussion?

Why would I try to explain that it is not safe to be out in front of the house unless I know about it, that there are bad guys in the world and it might be unsafe to be out there alone?

I guess it is always important to keep the dialog going because it is all preparation for his life, his understanding, but sometimes I feel awfully silly espousing a belief system that he cannot be aware of.

And yet…

The other night we were reading Pinocchio, from a collection of the least 2010 appropriate book we own. A collection of condensed Disney tales. He had not picked Pinocchio, and I certainly had forgotten how EXTREMELY dark it is. Just to review, the puppet is given life and a cricket as a conscience. He proceeds to wander into a very bad group of boys all destined to a life of servitude as malformed donkey slaves. Meanwhile his father is inside a monstrous whale at the bottom of the ocean, how jeez.

We did not finish the book, Luke closed the cover and said can we please read something else, to which I gladly said yes.

It’s all sinking in I guess, perhaps it makes more sense today than it did a few weeks ago.


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