Day Two Thirty One

2015-10-06 08.01.18I know, I know, I know.
I just spent an entire RIE class talking about what a child can and cannot filter with their brains and how easily you can fall into a pit over boundaries.

Do you want to brush your teeth?
Are you tired?
Are you Hungry?
Will all be met with a resounding no,

Its time to brush your teeth
Let’s take a bath!
There is food on the table!

All seem to have the opposite effect, not necessarily a yes, but most often, compliance!

After school today Luke was in a testy mood, it has been hot, too hot to eat much and the last few days he has been quite irascible in the afternoons, Today he barked quite loudly at Lily over nothing and I just made the comment that I was going to make some food, to which he screamed,

“I am not hungry and I will not eat it.”

I preceded to put three bowls of chicken noodle soup on the table. He devoured one, asked if there was more, when I said there was not he went on with playing, when Lily finished and then there was some more to offer up to Luke, he had lost interest.

Ah, such is family life

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