Day Two Forty Two

2015-10-06 08.05.21

Bumpy Hot Dog Lane.

I looked it up and can confirm it is purely in Luke Wallace Cline’s mind.

He started talking about the goings on on Bumpy Hot Dog Lane a few months ago, and now it is a regular part of his riffing. All I have to do to get him started is ask what’s new in the invisible newspaper (luckily he installed an invisible newspaper stand in the minivan) and he usually comes back with:

“Oh my goodness, more bad guys found on Bumpy Hot Dog Lane!!”

From this point it is often a long and involved description of what happened on Bumpy Hotdog Lane did how close the police are to apprehending the bad guys.

I love this type of meandering, especially because it comes 100% from his imagination, not from a book, tv show, movie, internet site, etc, etc.

For me a child’s imagination far exceeds anything we adults can come up with and the more we stay out of the way in their creative process, the better.

If I ever write a book, I hope to call it

Life and Times on Bumpy Hot Dog Lane

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