Post 301: Food glorious food

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Luke eats well, Lily eats nothing. Its been that way since time began and I should get used to it, though I cant.

One of our greatest meals is butternut squash soup with pasta “boats” in it, Luke devours it and it is a great meal for us all.

But Lily says “Me no like that soup

She has tried it more than once so I have to just accept it and move on, right?

Well, tonight I made butternut squash soup and pasta boats, Lily asked for a quesadilla and I said fine.

I  place the pasta and soup in front of Luke and Lily says “where’s mine” I then put a bowl of pasta in front of her and she says, “no, with the soup over it like Lukey ” (which would never surprise me because EVERYTHING IS EXACTLY LIKE LUKEY!)

I then put some soup over her pasta, assuming it will be yet another bowl of cold food I eat myself, and no, she laps it up like no tomorrow.

I love my kids, I love my life and I love butternut squash soup with pasta boats

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