Post 312: Minions

img_5434Somewhere somehow we wound up with one of these Minion characters in our house. I(I am not even sure if that is the right thing to call them, but that is what we call them around here). The kids have never seen the movie, just a glimpse of products at Target or the occasional billboard.

Over time two more minions showed up and to be honest I don’t really know how or where those came from.

Today Lily was playing with them and I saw a fourth Minion. Now I am sure that there were only three of these guys previously, so it is quite perplexing where all these minions are coming from?

So, I did the obvious, I asked Lily,

“Where did that Minion come from Lily?” (pointing at the fourth one)

She said: “Oh that is baby minion, you see this one is Mommy Minion and this one is Daddy Minion, so now there is also baby minion.


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