Post 336: Camerawork

I have spent much of my life behind the lens of a camera, literally millions of feet of film have passed by my eyes.

When I was young I had this stigma about still photography, simply that when I saw a beautiful picture, I felt like, geez, I could have taken that if I was there at that moment? So what’s the big deal?

What I learned over the years is that the point is I was not there at that exact moment and did not choose to release the shutter at that very instant.

As the beloved photographer Henri-Cartier Bresson eloquently called, the decisive moment. 

I also know that the viewfinder through a childs eye can be a fun and often an insightful look into their world. There have been many times at work where we are trying to emulate what a child might want to see, the perspective of a child being so unique, and it is not easy to do. There have been many instances of wonderful photography done by children.

With all that said I gave Luke and Lily an old camera to do with what they wish. Lily took it to school one day and I just love the “day in the life” of her photographs.


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