Post 335: Luke’s 7th Birthday

We have been somewhat unconventional in our birthday parties over the years, garbage trucks, real buried treasures, pinewood derby extravaganza, pretty much anything imaginative and fun that keeps us away from the horrifying spectacle of having a birthday party at an “event” place where grouchy teenagers serve you unpleasant food in a generic, fluorescent lit room.

As my sister said a few years ago, “someday your gonna run out of ideas and there will be heck to pay!”

This year we came close, but at the last minute genius once again motivated our path.

What was the plan?

To buy a bunch, like 100, geodes, and hammers and eye protection. Hide the geodes in one of our favorite places to go rock climbing. Invite Luke friends, give them the tools and let chaos ensue.

Did it work out, yes, was it really fun, YES. Was there a flash flood warning storm that blew in to let us know it was time to go YES! YES! YES!

Was there an amazing, one of a kind, Geode, Lego Chocolate and vanilla swirl cake, OOOOOHHHH YESSSSSS.

Was fun had, I certainly hope so.

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