Day Eighteen

2014-07-30 15.06.33

One of the amazing things about watching Luke build Lego at his own speed is watching the changes he makes to constructions he gets. He got his “leaf cutter plane” almost a week ago and it was not until today that he decide that it needed the propellers. It was not a verble choice.

One of my favorite things with Lil is how easy she is with things like her “little rubber wheels”. These wheels must be heavenly to chew on, because she sees them and all bets are off. But, she is also just as happy to hand them over, via a drooly mouth, when asked. “Lil, not in your mouth, please take it out” and she takes it out and hands it to me, every time.

2014-07-30 15.06.43

Oh, and her continued love of putting anything on her head, though cream cheese and yogurt can be a bit of a chore.

2014-07-30 15.47.43

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