Day Twenty Two

2014-08-05 10.06.08

Another camp day for Luke, everyone got a decent nights rest, though the kids went down late. the bedtime routine needs to be adjusted, Lily just will not go to sleep if Luke and Mom and Dad are all awake and if Lilly is in her crib (which is in Luke and Lily’s room), then we are all tiptoeing around and it just doesn’t feel right. The end result is that she rarely goes to sleep before Luke does and so lets work with that. The hard part for me to wrap my head around is the quiet reading time we often have with Luke while Lily is in her crib “attempting” to fall asleep.

So, here is the new idea. Luke and Lil go to bed at the same time. Quiet reading is done in their room, seated in between the bed and the crib and, well, lets see what happens…

I find it so strange how some people share their seemingly innocent feelings about child raising in public. I was at my favorite coffee place and nice, young, “hip” woman was enjoying Lilly. She then made a comment about how easy it was that I was holding her side saddle. Then she asked how old Lilly was, I told her fifteen months and she said, oh that is the time they take all the energy out of you. Now, I know it is a LOT of work, I know I am beyond exhausted some days, but the truth be told, caring for kids is the most energizing thing I have ever done in my life. Standing around on a film set for 14 hours a day stucks you dryer than a rattle snake in desert, to me what I experience is a wonderful sense of energy in that tiredness.

News flash, Lilly is taking a NO NAPPER today! Very rare and could be a sign of things to come, Over the weekend mom was recalling just how big a deal month fifteen was for Luke (Lilly is going to be fifteen months old on August 8th)

Luke stopped breast feeding at fifteen months and he started sleeping through the night. Lilly decided to stop breast feeding awhile ago, but she is still having two feedings a night.

Luke asked for sauce on his pasta today, you have no idea what a big deal that is.

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