Day Forty

After a sleepless weekend Mom felt something was wrong with the chimney flew, she has an amazing sense of smell. We went over to the chimney, I jostled the damper a little bit and about 2 gallons of creosote came grumbling down, into the living room and the Lego bins. Oh what a great way to start the week. Then I had to go to the dept of building and safety to try and get a building permit. That all worked out miraculously. Lilly fell asleep in the car on the way home, I changed her diaper and put her in her crib. Five minutes later she is having a party in there and I open the door to find she has removed her diaper in order to have a big ol’ poop-la-roo. After another diaper it turns into a “no napper”, which is just what I need with a poopy sheet and a living room filled with creosote.

But…we did get some pho noodles for the first time on a few weeks and sometime I wonder why we bother eating anything else, these kids just love Pho, and I love them!



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