Day Forty Seven

2014-09-16 16.40.12

Hotter than July.

Luke is at school, he has a bit of a cough, but seems all right. The end of the Mommy Days are often filled with emotion. Both kids had a terrible time falling asleep last night. Kind of surprising after such a busy day.

Did a small Target run and basically came home to be in the cool house. Probably spend the rest of the day “chillin” here after picking up Luke.

Ok, here is some prime action. After supper I take all of Lilly clothes off in preparation for a bath. But let her romp a bit in the backyard. Like 90 seconds later she starts cackling with glee and she shows me she is up on the Red Flyer Tricycle, on the top step, standing and holding the handle bars. Loving it. I acknowledge what she is doing and decide it is time to go over and “supervise” a bit. I get distracted for a moment and look back and now Lilly has this totally quizzical look on her face and she is putting something in her mouth. Of course you guessed it. I walk over and there is the largest poo this side of Nebraska sitting on the trike seat and she has schmeared it over her legs and is putting a little bit in her mouth. Truly the rest is just pure matter of fact clean up, but it was by far the most noteworthy thing that happened today, or even all week.

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