Day Fifty Three

First day of RIE class with Lilly. We got there early, Much to discuss, but I need a nap

2014-09-24 09.31.45

After school some cones on the veranda, always a good thing.


Only to be bettered by a pretzel party. Did I lose it! I did not! Because today is calm, recuperation let go day for daddy. Of course I was “away” having a mini meeting with the contractor working on the house. The last time the kids had a food related party, it was straws and peanut butter, thankfully that one took place outside. Its all a test, all a test, right?IMG_3481.JPG



Genius moment? Lilly has an unquenchable thirst for my wallet, she finds it and hides it or just empties it and hides the odd card. I have now gone to the store twice without my credit card only to come home and find it stuck in the printer or in the garbage pail. Not much I can do about that, but at least I can know what is missing , right? So I scanned the entire contents of my wallet. Not a big deal, all the cards fit on the scan bed. Of course for security reasons I will not post that image, but if you ever want to borrow one of my credit cards just ask Ol Lil, she would be happy to get you one I am sure.

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