Day Seventy One

A day that shall go down in infamy.

Six people in the bedroom

Screaming kids behind closed doors

Over wrought trips to the Bruder Truck Store

A Pho stop that never should have been

Lilly eats a bottle of Tylenol.

Those are the highlights, I will try to fill in the blanks later with love and respect.

Ok, I will expand a little bit before conking out.

Today is the last hurdle in our work at the hose. We have (had) a mold issue in our bedroom, under the floorboards and for the third time the floors needed to get redone. This means moving the largest piece of furniture we own (our bed) out of the bedroom. The floor guys came, they kept asking when the bed was leaving, finally the person designated to help me arrived and at one point there were six of us in a not so very large bedroom. It would have been eight because both kids wanted to stand right in the middle of the action, but against my better judgement I had to close them in a room, Lilly howling the whole way, for like six minutes so I could get the bed out.


2014-10-20 12.41.58

Then we left, but it was much later than usual, Luke suggested the Bruder Truck Store, and I for one am a man that believes in consistency, so I say why not. We get there, we are the only ones, which always feels like a treat. Lilly is just not feeling it, she really just wants to wander, ramble and roam. She hates being told she has to stay in one room, one place. So she keeps trying to wander the halls of Bruder North American Distribution Center and I keep picking her up, now that is on top of the fact that she has four eye teeth coming in and has been persnickety for a few days and it is pretty much exactly nap time right now.


Go have some Pho, right?, well it is now full on lunch time and when we get to our favorite Pho shop there is a line, I ask Luke if he wants to wait (BIG MISTAKE) and of course he says yes, I put my name down, we wait for ten minutes, nothing happens.


We then have the conversation where Luke absolutely does not want me to get back on the freeway, I try to “reason” with him (small mistake), but understanding that we are headed to our favorite Pho shop, right next to the train store, he says lets do this! I thought Lil was going to crash and wanted a place I could possibly park directly in the front window, but then said let just see how it goes. Of course both kids rally, have a tremendous mouthful (ode to Blueberries for Sal) of Pho and I decide to have a mid afternoon beer (VERY good idea)

2014-10-20 13.51.00Things are on an uptick

We get home, it is noisy from the floor sanding in the bedroom, but no crazy so, Lilly is pretty much done and after settling in Luke tells me that Lilly drank a whole bottle of Tylenol

Oh boy

To make this part short, indeed it seems she somehow finished off a very small travel sized bottle of infant Tylenol, I call the doctor, he looks at a chart or two and tells me she should be fine, they make those bottle small for a reason. Just keep an eye on her. She conked out at around 3pm, and after conferring with Mommy I decide to read in Luke and Lily’s room to Luke (Little House on the Prairie) so I can keep an eye on Lil.

Everyone’s good, it was quite an eventful day and now I am going to sleep on our mattress that is parked smack dad in the living room.

Oh, two wonderful moments that shall not go unmentioned. One was at the Bruder store where Luke always asks if we can buy something to which almost always say no, but felt like it was a good day for a gift, so we look at the deep discount stand and they have three AMAZING trucks at like 50% off, but Old Luke has been eyeing this $10 trailer that will hook up to an existing truck he has every time we go down there, and THAT my friend is what he picked, god bless his soul.

Before supper the kids were having a “let’s open all the new kitchen cabinets” party while I was fixin supper. Lilly found an empty jar, she takes it out, sits down and put it between her legs, opens it and proceeds to pretend it is some sort of lotion or bath saodp that she put all over her face and hair, rubbing it in for good measure, it was a treasure to watch. God bless you Lil

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