Mommy Days

Turns out Lantern Walk is unphotographable, pretty much happens at night and if you use a flash the feeling is ruined. Needless to say it was great fun to sit with Lukes school mateys and their parents having warm soups and then watching the wonderful, vibrant teachers of his school corral and cohere a huge flock of kids to sing and walk the perimeter of the park with candle lit lanterns that were made during the course of the week at school. The walking lantern part if the most unphotographable.

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Words may not be able to express my feeling of elation.

About 4pm after a lot of putting away and still far from done, we decided to head over to Mar Vista Park, our local sandbox. The kids dove in like they had been caged up all day long, and they had. Frolicking all around.

I am sandwiched between two dads I must try not to emulate. One guy is sitting on a bench (quite overweight), eating and calling out to his young boy. “Don’t touch that, put that back. That’s not yours, be careful, don’t do that, what are you doing…”

On the other side is a guy reading the New Yorker and actually berated his 12 year old for not playing. He grabbed him by the arm and was actually mad at the kid. This is a quote:
“You just sit there and stare at me, what are you doing, this is a park, go out and play!” And with that he pretty much threw the child back into the sand area. He then went back to reading.

These guys are giving Dad’s a bad name is all I can say.

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