Day Eighty Six

Just turned a slightly confusing day into a real beaut.

Lily was up again from like 3:30am on, she has these wakeful episodes around that time. Seems like nothing really helps. End result, no sleep for mom and dad.

Soooo, that put me into a foul mood, actually threw a yogurt container into the sink.

Today we had a company come to clean our carpet and upholstered chairs, which had been turned into some nasty receptacles after thirteen weeks of remodel and a major chimney malfunction (someday I will try to link references to previous post accordingly). That means I gotta be home and the little bird was pretty needy today, so it all felt a bit too much. Oh, and mom brought Luke to school, but forgot to leave the car seat.

Solution to all of these non problematic, seemingly overwhelming non-issues?

The Big Blue Bus of course!

I love the bus, Luke loves the bus, it’s goes right by his school and all I can say is that I am happy camper now

On another note, a big shout out to Grandma BaaBaa for the package she sent the kids. She always send the best gifts, just right on the money. Luke got one of those really loud noisy voice changing megaphone thingies and Lily got a soft woven hat that my mom had seen a bird on to.


Of course for the first time in her life Lily does NOT want to put a hat on, but never fear my fine fellow followers of Luke and Lily, I WILL get that shot!

Peace out.

Things went pretty well until both kids were melting down at the pizza place (Luke had not eaten a thing all day it looked like, but was unable to eat the pizza as well. More crying at the bus stop, which of course was taking WAY too long. Now we are home, and home is where we are staying!!

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