Day Eighty Nine

Story of an Umma.

I brought Luke to the dentist yesterday and the conversation arose about his pacifier usage (Umma). The dentist was kind and has no agenda on it, we walked away agreeing, The dentist, Luke and me, that he would use the Umma at night only and that the next time he went to see the dentist he would be Umma free!

I am already so encouraged and delighted by Lukes response, perhaps this is all he has needed on the topic, because it has been a very long winded one in our house.

We started using Umma when Luke was a wee one, Mom had found these all natural rubber pacifiers that only have one downside, they look like you have a portal to another dimension in your mouth.

2013-05-04 04.48.04

Luke was an avid Umma user and over time I would say we have purchased what feels like a hundred of these little rubber guys. He went through a faze where he would chuck them, at home that was fine, but out in the Bob Stroller and you might as well kiss that Umma goodbye, though there have been many adventures of finding Ummas along the way.

2013Februaryuntitled-4 2014Juneuntitled-2 2014Marchuntitled-27 IMG_6709 P1040587

I love Umma, I hate Umma, but Umma is an important part of our lives.

Today at the Dentists office perhaps that has all changed, only time will tell.

Now for Lily, THAT is another story. Just last night we went a mad search for an Umma for Lily, even though I purchased two brand new ones like a week ago. (We finally found three!)

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